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Resume.Academy is an online training program, teaching the standards and sciences behind today's job search engines, the hiring process and how to craft the perfect resume from scratch. In addition to our resume development classes, we also offer professional resume services by writers from some of today's top resume writing agencies and career placement sites.  

Resume.Academy isn’t your average destination for professional resume writing services. In fact, we’re actually much more than that. Adept to the sciences of ATS, Applicant Tracking Systems, and with great knowledge of today’s most key standards, we provide audiences with the details necessary in not only getting through engines, but also onto the desk of the hiring manager. We teach you how to optimize your resume by embracing keywords relevant to your industry and unlock the potential that awaits.

We market you as a qualified professional and help to position you for greatness. Boosting visibility of your resume amongst 200 or more qualified candidates, we make sure you are seen. We teach you how to knock on doors, tear them down and take over your own destiny. We teach you how to be both seen and heard, while treated as the commodity you are.

For those that want to save time, we have a team of professional resume writers that have come together from today’s top resume writing agencies, popular job search sites and career development organizations. Many of our professionals also share a background in Marketing, Public Relations and Social Branding.

We care about the entry-level professional and the executive, alike. We want to see each and every one of you shine. And, that’s why we’re here to serve to you. That’s why we have made our materials free of charge and easy to access, while providing a long range of options to enhance your professional career path and market BrandYOU.

With affordable professional resume writing services at more than half the cost of direct competition, we provide the same quality of work with more dedication to each client served. We also provide unique services that our contemporaries cease to entertain. As the lines blur between digital imprints and the impact of a traditional resume, we have created a product line, designed to brand you as a professional across the web, build your reputation and engage audiences in your career journey.

We service international customers by creating curriculum vitae, according to global standards, while providing specialized service to IT professionals, Medical and Military Personnel, Scientists, Project Managers, Federal and Government Employees and everyone else in between! Our Academic and Scientific CVs are thorough, and our Military resumes follow the strict requirements set forth by the United States Government. Position yourself for greatness! 

We’re here to service YOU every step of the way. Please, contact us if you have any additional questions about our processes, servicing or preliminary onboarding. We thank you for your interests in Resume.Academy and hope that you will share your experience with others. Class is in session! 

Writing Service FAQ

We already know the science behind the notorious 6, 10, 15 and 30-second tests. We also know how to "hack" the system and make sure your resume is seen within applicant tracking systems, otherwise known as "ATS." We know how to market YOU as a professional and create demand.

While we're dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about current resume standards, the sciences and how to brand yourself as a professional, we are also highly skilled resume writers. Many members of our team have worked for today's top resume writing agencies and job search companies. We know what "they" are looking for!

Using our services, you can guarantee visibility before those that matter most. Industry-related keywords, processes and formatting are our specialty. We tailor your resume to serve your personal needs without engaging in cookie cutter practices that could deter your efforts for career advancement. This is your fingerprint, and no two resumes will ever be alike!

We take your duties and transform them into achievement, while painting you as a desirable candidate, eager to join their team. We show how even the littlest action has created the largest impact.

After all, they want to know how they will make their money back by hiring you. They want to know how you will create change within their organization. They want to know how you can improve the dynamic of operations and enhance productivity within the work environment. This is our forte.

Upon check out, you will receive an e-mail directing you to a Google Form (also found here) in which we will be collecting additional information about your career history, educational background, achievements and even professional memberships. While seemingly extensive, this bit of information is very important, because it is the basis of what we write from.

We use Google Forms, because you will have the opportunity to go back and edit your responses if necessary. We encourage you to include, as much information as possible and ask you to elaborate where possible. Please spell out abbreviations, as this helps feed the engines and creates clarity for the hiring manager, who isn't necessary from your industry. Don't worry about it sounding good. This is our job. This is what we do.

Existing resumes are very helpful and asked to be e-mailed to info@resume.academy, as soon as possible.

Once deliverables are received and payments have processed, we start the resume process. This may include an initial phone conversation. However, we choose to engage via e-mail correspondence for transparency, accuracy and organization of client orders. We do have phone consultations available at per minute servicing for those looking to understand the writing process.

Once you have received your first draft, you will enter a 7-day revision period. During this time and based on the package purchased, you will be given a specific set of revisions in order to complete the resume writing process. If more time is needed, please let us know immediately. Extensions will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Otherwise, once the 7-day period has ended, so has servicing -- even if revisions have not been requested during this time.

Add-on services, including One-Sheets, LinkedIn Revamps and Digital EPKs will be completed within 7 days of delivery of the final resume document. This is necessary in delivering quality and accuracy without the need for revision. From the onset of your resume servicing, we ask that you send all deliverables, including existing portfolios, documents, projects, infographics, photographs, biographies, etc. to info@resume.academy for inclusion within your add-on project.

LinkedIn Revamps will be completed within 7 days of delivery of the final resume document. This is necessary in delivering quality and accuracy without the need for revision. From the onset of your resume servicing, we ask that you send all deliverables, including existing portfolios, documents, projects, infographics, photographs, biographies, etc. to info@resume.academy for inclusion within your add-on project.

You may opt-in to provide us with your login information, so that we can edit and optimize your LinkedIn directly. But, we can also provide you with a separate form and document for security purposes, whereas you will copy/paste all information into your LinkedIn directly.
Your LinkedIn profile will be written in either a social or executive voice, depending upon your direction. It will tell the story found directly within your resume, itself. Because character count often gets in the way, we will only use the strongest points found within your resume to tell your story. It is suggested, for this reason and for "approachability" purposes that your LinkedIn profile is written in the first person. Digital EPKs, however will be written in the third person.

Yes, most certainly. Your resume document is completed within a .doc and .docx format for editing and customization. In fact, it is suggested that slight changes be made based on the position you are applying for. These changes may include the areas of expertise and/or title within the resume document. 

It most certainly does. In fact, there are reports that 40-45% of all applicants that submit a cover letter will advance within the hiring process -- whether the hiring manager reads the cover letter or not! While many hiring managers are guilty of skipping over the cover letter, they do check to see if there is one. It's better to be safe than sorry, especially if the hiring manager decides your cover letter is the one they will be reading today. 

As you have probably heard, there are various resume types. In fact, there are many. However, there are also resume types that are also obsolete. In the past, for example, functional resumes were acceptable.

Now, however, functional resumes are just that -- a thing of the past. One reason for this is the lack of convertibility when taking the resume and submitting it through a job search engine. Again, submitting your resume directly to a hiring manager, you may also be subjecting yourself to submission into a centralized job search site within the company. This resume just will not convert. 

We use various resumes, as related to your target job search. Our resumes are also in chronological format. We cover the last 10 years of your career history, in correlation with resume standards. Provided you have significant achievements to include, however, we may include career highlights and will also mention previous work history to emphasize your journey.

Based on industry and tenure, there are various page lengths notated as acceptable:

Entry-Level/Recent Graduates - Entry-level professionals are expected to have a resume of only one page. However, based on previous experience, research, internships and/or freelance work, you may reach up to two pages. 

Mid-Level Professionals - These candidates will only reach 2 pages in length, unless there is significant history to cover.

Tenured/Established Professionals & Executives - Your resume can reach lengths of 2-4 pages and be totally acceptable. While there are conflicting beliefs, based on outdated standards, ATS allows for an increased number of resume pages and hiring managers are eager to find candidates, who meet all of their criteria for the vacant position. 

IT Professionals - It is expected that your resume will reach 3-4 pages, based on technical terminology, processes and software environments. By the way, we specialize in IT-based resumes, whereas many of our contemporaries struggle in this arena.

Nurses/Pharmacists - Your resume may fall into any of these categories. There is no need to have any of the following resume-types, unless you're dependent upon the inclusion of extensive experience. Those include: Academic CV, Scientific CV and/or Medical CV. Unless Military-affiliated, there is also no need for a Military and/or Government-related resume. 

Academic/Scientific/Medical CV - These resume-types are necessary if detailing information more than 10 years old, listing publications and presentations, discussing fellowship and research and/or need to include references for the Medical and Scientific World. Teachers may be asked to submit a CV, so it is wise to keep one on hand.

Professors will almost always need one. It is possible for those Doctors and Scientists to utilize a standard resume, however it is not suggested and not considered as effective if the professional has an extensive history and has made multiple contributions within his or her specific industry. For these formats, click here.

Federal/Government/Military - Occasionally, you are asked to submit a resume in federal, government and military format. These are very different types of resumes with a strict structure and formatting. They include sensitive information, including salary, hours and clearances. They include ranking and social security numbers. While we do not ask for social security numbers, we do ask for the various other vital information.

If you are a set on working with a Federal, Government or Military-affiliated agency, you can expect to submit one of these resumes. In fact, all other formats are thrown out -- literally. We have included not just packages for these specific resume types but also discounted packaging if you decide that you will need more than one resume type for your future career goals. Click here to see our packaging, designed exclusively for you. 

FINALLY -- Some clarification:

In the United States, we call a resume a "resume." However, in Europe and Australia, the terminology is "CV" for "Curriculum Vitae." Yes, we do serve international customers and are keen on spelling and language variances between the two hemispheres. If you need an International CV, we are here to help! 

It is not suggested, and highly suggested against, to include your photo within your CV itself. It will negatively affect your results when processed through applicant tracking systems (ATS) due to coding and graphics use. However, we will include these if instructed to do so. Also, let us know if your country has a mandatory statement of privacy to be included within the body of your CV. 

What does Resume Academy mean for you?


Meet Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan, Marketing Executive and Professional Resume Writer. The mastermind behind Resume.Academy, Jessica provides you with the tools you need to make your dreams a reality.


Learn why top executives aren't being seen  by hiring managers and are therefore missing out on their true potential. Optimize your resume for ATS positioning and seize the opportunity that awaits.


No one uses an objective statement any more. References are a thing of the past. In a digital world, you are wasting space and risking chances of employment. Failure to adopt standards will leave you unseen. 


Let's face it. Your resume is a tool for unlocking doors and climbing ladders to future success. Consider this an investment. We live the science of resume. Let us take care of everything and be amazed. 

Get Through ATS Engines

Did you know that for every position you apply for, there are a minimum of 200 other candidates applying for that same position? While the 10, 15 an 30 second eye tests exist, you still have to be seen before someone else is hired. Let's make sure your resume is seen first!

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DISCLAIMER: some of these testimonials are from previous work done, while contracted through today's top resume agency.

"I hired the company to totlaly remake my resume and cover letter to go with it. After only one re-write or touch up, I received the best, most energetic, exuberant and eary-reading resume ever. As a recent college graduate at the grad level, I am totally overwhelmed and satisfied with their work. Now my resume is a piece de resistance,   and I am positive that I will get many job offers. I would like to recommend their services to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much Jessica for taking care of business."

"Thank you so much. This is a great resume that you have done. I have an interview this week from an International Company and thank you again. Thank you."

"You are TOO good, Jessica. All excellent advice. Thank you so much fo r spending so much time on this. I know it ate a lot."

 “Again, Jessica... Thanks so much for all the time you've invested. I can't tell you how much this means to me. It's been a fantastic experience and I've enjoyed getting to know you over e-mail. You're exceptionally gifted!"

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in refining my resume. The job you do impacts lives in a very meaningful and positive way! I am grateful for your dedication and professional work. "

"I would like to thank you personaly for preparing, revising and re-writing my resume. I applied for an IT security job and have now excepted a six-figure starting pay. Again, thank you!"

"I am very surprise how professional they are at making my resume shine. The words they used and they way it was designed was so professional. Jessica did a fantastic job. She was on time and never late. She gave me exactly what I needed. I am very happy with Jessica and am recommending this to my friends, who need help with their resume.

Thank you so much!"

“At first view, looks like a nice innovative tool, i like the great focus and time that was given to the responsive design, i also like the simple and clear drag and drop features. Give me more control over the object's properties and ill be using this tool for more serious projects. Regards.”

"WOW!!! The LinkedIn profile looks great!! Profile strength: "All Star"!?!?! Good Job!! Thanks for all your help. I really like the resume, as well!"

"Jessica, this looks marvelous. I mean, if there is anything else you can think to add that will help me find a job, then please do so. You are the expert, and as far as I am concened this work is a masterpiece. I so appreciated your help and patience with me in this matter... As far as I'm concerned it looks fabulous!"

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Done with satisfaction, personality and turning duties into accomplishment.