People-Oriented Management: How It Can Help Your Organization

Previously written and published for TalentZoo by Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan. This article can be found here.

As you look around at businesses that thrive, what do you see? Businesses like Google, Amazon, VisualSoft, and many others have a people-oriented management style. They care about their employees — and that’s the bottom line! One has to consider that with digital organizations, in order to stick out — especially within rapidly growing and saturated industries — they have to be different.

Being different isn’t always just doing something “crazy,” or even selling a unique product. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t have to deal with your income growth at all. Managers and companies that “dare to be different” in how they treat their employees have noticed that expansion, process, and revenue have greatly increased over time.

Many companies that offer their “people” great bonuses, time off, work-from-home opportunities, a nice pillow to concentrate on one project at a time, benefits packages, and perks that improve their lifestyle often notice that the quality of work is improved and clients are happier. They notice that work is getting done on time and on task more efficiently. They notice that revenue is increasing. This is all because they show mutual respect for the employee as an actual part of the overall organization.

By respecting the lives of their employees, they are able to receive respect in return. Because they care about and invest in their employees, the employees do the same. They are allowing their employees to be present with their children and families while earning a great income. On the return, they are expecting that the employees will be present in their work, providing a great product and/or service.

They recognize that their employee is actually a business partner and that their role, no matter how small, is important to the overall process and progress of the brand and company history. The employee feels appreciated and works harder for their employer. With less stress on their chests, they are able to think more clearly, more productively, and more cheerfully.

The workplace environment is much more positive. Turnovers are low. Perks such as gym memberships, supplements, daycare, and any other benefit that may helpful to their lives have proven to bring better function in the workplace and allow them to live longer to enjoy it.

Companies like VisualSoft are giving their employees the option to work from home or in the office. They are also keen on providing unlimited paid holidays, as long as all deliverables are delivered on time to clientele and clients are happy with the end products. Interestingly enough, VisualSoft has never, in over a year, had anyone abuse the system. While they had people take some time to adjust to the new system, everyone worked harder and happier, improving growth and sales within this time period.

For the upper management professional, take these ideals into consideration. Research a bit further. Advocate on behalf of your subordinate staff. Treat your employees like teammates and lead from within. It has been proven to be a more effective method of management and will lead your company to stand out from the competition.

If you can’t advocate the perks, implement people-oriented acknowledgement and praises. Sometimes it’s more about awards for achievements. It’s about being grateful for someone that deserves a pat on the back and has worked hard for it.

With a people-oriented culture, the individual is celebrated, respected, and empowered through a culture that allows them to grow at their own rate by giving them the option to do so. Most likely, a person advances quickly because they feel appreciated. They enjoy working for the company. They take pride in it. Plus, there is most likely the inkling that they had better do their job and do it well, or they won’t be working for such a great company for long.

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To Lead or Not to Lead?

Previously written and published on TalentZoo by Jessica N. Abraham-Hogan. It can be found here.

A very common misconception amongst the professional community, and especially where very talented people have the chance to “shine,” is that showing any type of leadership ability through resume or interview is a big “no-no.”

Many equate the demonstration of leadership ability as something that should only be done if one seeks an executive role or a management position. The reality is that lack of leadership could be the one thing holding them back from that higher-paying senior position within the team atmosphere — or even barring them from an entry-level position within a company that requires self-starters in a fast-paced environment.

Not showing leadership ability will not only hinder chances to get in the door, but also those for continuous promotion and increases in pay scale. As a matter of fact, lack of leadership ability may be why many have tenured a position for ten or more years without pay increase and without promotion. They are hardworking, serving employees, but they aren’t taking initiative. While they work hard and go above and beyond to meet goals, they may only be performing duties within the expectations of upper management.

It is important to rise above expectations, take initiative, and pull the team to the top in showing growth for a company and/or department while ensuring that the department continues to excel, as a unit, and that no employee is left behind, fired, or laid off.

In the case of a resume, why would a future employer or hiring manager choose someone that has only done what was dictated to them when they can select someone who will own that position and turn it into a driving force within the company? After all, business is business; in the end, numbers, process improvement, and team development are all that will matter.

Selecting a professional that will be the best possible janitor they can be will assure client satisfaction in returning to the urinal for another “splash” without hesitation. It will ensure that the company gains a positive reputation in a world full of critiques; where the smallest variables lead to the largest deciding factor and biggest impact within the company structure.

When a candidate selects achievements over duty and turns duty into achievement within a resume draft, an employer will be anxious to hire that candidate — or at least meet them for a coffee. Showing ability and how one has made an impact, how they have made a difference, and why no one else is more qualified for a particular position will push executives to favor one candidate over another — even if another candidate was already in the running for hire.

In addition to leadership abilities, one should also show personality and charisma. Allowing future employees to realize personality and character, high energy, and a good-spirited nature will also impact hiring decisions. Showing good personality will tone down a misconceived ideal one and will lead decision makers to find pleasure in making acquaintance and especially doing business. One doesn’t have to lead a team to be successful, but leading from within will guarantee a job well done and a future most secure.

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