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Resume.Academy is an online training program, teaching the standards and sciences behind today's job search engines, the hiring process and how to craft the perfect resume from scratch. In addition to our resume development classes, we also offer professional resume services by writers from some of today's top resume writing agencies and career placement sites.

We already know the science behind the notorious 6, 10, 15 and 30-second tests. We also know how to "hack" the system and make sure your resume is seen within applicant tracking systems, otherwise known as "ATS." We know how to market YOU as a professional and create demand.

While we're dedicated to teaching you everything you need to know about current resume standards, the sciences and how to brand yourself as a professional, we are also highly skilled resume writers. Many members of our team have worked for today's top resume writing agencies and job search companies. We know what "they" are looking for!

Using our services, you can guarantee visibility before those that matter most. Industry-related keywords, processes and formatting are our specialty. We tailor your resume to serve your personal needs without engaging in cookie-cutter practices that could deter your efforts for career advancement. This is your fingerprint, and no two resumes will ever be alike!

We take your duties and transform them into acheivement, while painting you as a desirable candidate, eager to join their team. We show how even the littlest action has created the largest impact.

After all, they want to know how they will make their money back by hiring you. They want to know how you will create change within their organization. They want to know how you can improve the dynamic of operations and enhance productivity within the work environment. This is our forte.

It most certainly is. In fact, there are reports that 40-45% of all applicants that submit a cover letter will advance within the hiring process -- whether the hiring manager reads the cover letter or not! While many hiring managers are guilty of skipping over the cover letter, they do check to see if there is one.

It's better to be safe than sorry, especially if the hiring manager decides your cover letter is the one they will be reading today.

There really isn't a standard set of ethics that come with the interview process and candidacy, however common courtesy suggests that a simple "thank you" will take you a long way - whether you get the job or not.

Another good way to remain in candidacy is to follow up on resume submissions and the interview process. Demonstrating your eagerness to join the team, it nudges hiring managers to take a closer look and ensures no e-mail gets lost in the mix.

So, they're not overly important. But, they're great tools and an awesome gesture towards an amazing future with the company.

As you have probably heard, there are various resume types. In fact, there are many. However, there are also resume types that are also obsolete. In the past, for example, functional resumes were acceptable.

Now, however, functional resumes are just that - a thing of the past. One reason for this is the lack of convertibility when taking the resume and submitting it through a job search engine. Again, by submitting your resume directly to a hiring manager, you may also be subjecting yourself to submission into a centralized job search site within the company. This resume just will not convert. 


We use various resumes, as related to your target job search. Our resumes are also in chronological format. We cover the last 10 years of your career history, in correlation with resume standards. Provided you have significant achievements to include, however, we may include career highlights and will also mention previous work history to emphasize your journey.

Based on industry and tenure, there are various page lengths notated as acceptable:

Entry-Level/Recent Graduates - Entry-level professionals are expected to have a resume of only one page. However, based on previous experience, research, internships and/or freelance work, you may reach up to two pages. 

Mid-Level Professionals - These candidates will only reach 2 pages in length, unless there is significant history to cover.

Tenured/Established Professionals & Executives - Your resume can reach lengths of 2-4 pages and be totally acceptable. While there are conflicting beliefs, based on outdated standards, ATS allows for an increased number of resume pages and hiring managers are eager to find candidates, who meet all of their criteria for the vacant position. 

IT Professionals - It is expected that your resume will reach 3-4 pages, based on technical terminology, processes and software environments. By the way, we specialize in IT-based resumes, whereas many of our contemporaries struggle in this arena.

Nurses/Pharmacists - Your resume may fall into any of these categories. There is no need to have any of the following resume types, unless you're dependent upon the inclusion of extensive experience. Those include: Academic CV, Scientific CV and/or Medical CV. Unless Military-affiliated, there is also no need for a Military and/or Government-related resume. 

Academic/Scientific/Medical CV - These resume-types are necessary if detailing information more than 10 years old, listing publications and presentations, discussing fellowship and research and/or need to include references for the Medical and Scientific World. Teachers may be asked to submit a CV, so it is wise to keep one on hand.

Professors will almost always need one. It is possible for those Doctors and Scientists to utilize a standard resume, however it is not suggested and not considered as effective if the professional has an extensive history and has made multiple contributions within his or her specific industry. For these formats, click here.

Federal/Government/Military - Occasionally, you are asked to submit a resume in federal, government and military format. These are very different types of resumes with a strict structure and formatting. They include sensitive information, including salary, hours and clearances. They include ranking and social security numbers. While we do not ask for social security numbers, we do ask for the various other vital information.

If you are a set on working with a Federal, Government or Military-affiliated agency, you can expect to submit one of these resumes. In fact, all other formats are thrown out -- literally. We have included not just packages for these specific resume types but also discounted packaging if you decide that you will need more than one resume type for your future career goals. Click here to see our packaging, designed exclusively for you. 

FINALLY - Some clarification:

In the United States, we call a resume a "resume." However, in Europe and Australia, the terminology is "CV" for "Curriculum Vitae." Yes, we do serve international customers and are keen on spelling and language variances between the two hemispheres. If you need an International CV, we are here to help! 

It is not suggested, and highly suggested against, to include your photo within your CV itself. It will negatively affect your results when processed through applicant tracking systems (ATS) due to coding and graphics use. However, we will include these if instructed to do so. Also, let us know if your country has a mandatory statement of privacy to be included within the body of your CV.

Yes, most certainly. Your resume document is completed within a .doc and .docx format for editing and customization. In fact, it is suggested that slight changes be made, based on the position you are applying for. These changes may include the areas of expertise and/or title within the resume document.

Literally an EPK for the Industry Professional, we combine the Power of Presence and Public Relations Strategy to "brand social," while detailing your career journey and enhancing it with interactive menus, portfolios and contact features.

Our writers have worked with a number of professionals in the following roles and industries:

✪ Information Technologies
✪ Finance
✪ Academics & Education
✪ Medical & Healthcare
✪ Research & Development
✪ Project Management
✪ The Arts
✪ Marketing & Public Relations
✪ Web & Graphic Design
✪ Career Transitions
✪ Consultants
✪ Government & Public Sector
✪ Executive & C-level
✪ Entry Level
✪ Oil & Gas
✪ Health & Safety
✪ Manufacturing & Operations Management
✪ Sales & Customer Service
✪ Retail
✪ Real Estate
                         … and more!

Founder, Jessica N. Abraham, began her career in Social Branding, Internet Marketing and Public Relations, where she earned much success in both the Entertainment Business and Corporate Realm.

Today, she is a writer, a publicist and a design strategist.

Through her continued contributions in the development of strategy and persona for a number of global brands and organizations, she began writing for a plethora of Online publications, including TMCNet (Technology Marketing Corporation), Talent Zoo, Digital Pivot, CBS Local, Examiner, AXS, Trip by SkyScanner and more! She is the owner of Shorty Produkshins' Brand Social, tEQ.life, Resume.Academy, Candy Hearts Club and My Trigeminal Neuralgia World, Former Producer of The Sabir Bey Show on LA Talk Live, Director of Marketing & Public Relations for Playas Mob Radio and well-known radio personality. 

And, like Superwoman, she has been living a double-life - a life away from the cameras and away from the public eye.

Building quite a repuation for her abilities in SEO and content development, she was commissioned by the leading agency in resume writing services. Here, she excelled in the development of resumes for much larger entities in career development, job search and keyword optimization. As the agency served a multitude of today's top job search platforms, each with their own resume writing services attached, Jessica became recognized in the Top 10% of all writers and exclusively serviced VIPs and Executives in need of professional resume writing services. She held this position for many years.

In 2016, Jessica changed the focus of her career and decided that her calling was to help professionals brand themselves through a plethora of tools and services. She would help them to not only be seen within the infamous Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) but appeal to the direct needs of their future employers. 

Fed up with a robotic system, she transitioned away from an agency that she spent many loyal years serving. Her goal was to help young professionals, such as herself, master the art of Professional Resume Writing for today's industry. Adding resume writing as a service offered by Resume.Academy, the company quickly swayed away from its original objective and instead became an in-demand resume writing firm, aimed at returning to its original objective by Early March 2019. 

✪ Master of Science in Internet Marketing
✪ Master of Science in Business
✪ Master of Fine Arts in Media Design
✪ IAPWE Certified, International Association of Professional Writers and Editors

✪ 15+ years of expertise in Public Relations and Marketing for the global, corporate world
✪ 15+ years writing for various platforms in news, business, marketing, technology and career development
✪ 6+ years of expertise working with the industry's top resume writing firm, ranked within the top 10% of all professional resume writers, globally
✪ 6+ years working directly for industry-leading resume writing companies, job search sites and career development organizations

Please refer to this if you have an IMMEDIATE need for a resume draft. Otherwise, your project will be completed based on the order that it is placed into queue. Outside of our VIP clients, we are not available via phone outside of the hours between 9 AM and 6 PM Est, Monday through Friday, unless arrangements are made otherwise.

We believe in transparency. So, this will probably be a negative. But, we are going to share it anyways.

The answer is both complicated and basic. The short answer is, we want to be sure that you are getting our emails every time, on-time and that we stay in constant contact. We take on 20 or more projects a week. So, here are a lot of customers to juggle. Many of our customers choose to remain unresponsive until they contact us due to their individual lifestyles, personalities and schedules.

We have learned to respect our customers by eliminating the feeling of being rushed from the process. We also have learned that simple prompts can stress our customers out, and they will rush through documentation, jeopardizing the quality of the end-product. So, we have learned to "go with the flow" of our client base.

When we send emails, we assume that they have been received and await your response. The only problem here is that we have a .Academy account and not a .Net or .Com. And with the new policies on security and privacy implemented across the net, sometimes our emails with document attachments are rejected due to an "Error 554 Message," which indicates that our emails are spam.

Unfortuately, this is not spam, and we are not notified otherwise. This is due to the powerful Barracuda Security systems, used by many popular web domains, technology corporations and newer smart devicers.

We ask all of our clients, please keep track of turnaround dates. We are pretty good on completing your projects on or ahead of time. If your project is due to you, and you have not received it, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask for an ETA. We will not be offended. We are normally good about contacting you before hand should there be a delay in the process, so this is probably a good thing to do. Should we have sent your resume, and it had not been received, we will arrange to have it sent to you immediately via Gmail or Google Drive.

This doesn't happen frequently, but there has been an uptick in "bounces" since early this Spring, as Mr. Zuckerberg defended Facebook before Congress.

We are currently working on a system, where your documents will be updated and stored to a secure cloud and server. This is one of the upgrades we are definitely looking forward to for 2019. 


We have mapped this out in its entirety, here.

LinkedIn Revamps will be completed within seven to ten business days of delivery of the final resume document. This is necessary in delivering quality and accuracy without the need for revision. From the onset of your resume servicing, we ask that you send all deliverables, including existing portfolios, documents, projects, infographics, photographs, biographies, etc. to info@resume.academy for inclusion within your add-on project.

You may opt-in to provide us with your login information ($25 fee), so that we can edit and optimize your LinkedIn directly. But, we can also provide you with a separate form and document for security purposes, whereas you will copy/paste all information into your LinkedIn directly.

Your LinkedIn profile will be written in either a social or executive voice, depending upon your direction. It will tell the story found directly within your resume, itself. Because character count often gets in the way, we will only use the strongest points found within your resume to tell your story. It is suggested, for this reason and for "approachability" purposes that your LinkedIn profile is written in the first person. Digital EPKs, however will be written in the third person.



The Science.

Top executives aren't being seen by hiring managers and are therefore missing out on their true potential. We maximize your resume for optimal ATS positioning and seize the opportunity that awaits.


The Standards.

No one uses an objective statement anymore. References are a thing of the past. In a digital world, you are wasting space and risking chances of employment. Failure to adopt standards will leave you unseen.


Professional Writing Services.

Let's face it. Your resume is a tool for unlocking doors and climbing ladders to future success. Consider this an investment. We live the science of resume. Let us take care of everything and be amazed.



While we have amazing testimonials across the web, we have decided to share the most "raw" and "transparent" of those testimonials, as found on Thumbtack.com, a community bidding site. Unlike many companies out there, we won't "sugar coat" the results. We feel that reality supersedes fiction. And, you have the right to decide if our brand is truly the right match for your professional resume-writing needs.


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