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Pamper yourself with a new resume.
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The Science.

Top executives aren't being seen by hiring managers and are therefore missing out on their true potential. We maximize your resume for optimal ATS positioning and seize the opportunity that awaits.


The Standards.

No one uses an objective statement anymore. References are a thing of the past. In a digital world, you are wasting space and risking chances of employment. Failure to adopt standards will leave you unseen.


Professional Writing Services.

Let's face it. Your resume is a tool for unlocking doors and climbing ladders to future success. Consider this an investment. We live the science of resume. Let us take care of everything and be amazed.


  1. THE ACADEMY - Resume.Academy was initially created to educate today's professional on ever-evolving resume standards, shifting to meet the needs of staffing technologies and advancements within the workforce. Less than five years ago, resumes were not nearly as complex as they are today. Not to mention, there was a lower demand amongst mainstream populations. This is now almost a pre-requisite for most jobs within the United States and other modernized parts of the world. With centralized hiring practices, candidates are now less likely to be ushered in, based on local connections and more likely to be hired on by a team, two or more states away! Our academy teaches you today's standards and sciences, helping your resume to not only be seen within ATS systems, but also to rank accordingly.  
  2. STANDARD PROFESSIONAL RESUME & INTERNATIONAL CV PACKAGES - Our standard resume packages start at $99, almost half the cost of our most decent competitor for an "Entry-Level" resume and a fifth of the cost for an "Executive" resume type. Not to mention, our resumes are more comprehensive, more personalized and more-than-likely to ensure interviews than those competitors even with well-known agencies across the agency. We spend time with our clients, getting to know them, the details of their careers and how future employers will benefit from their hiring. Many of our writers have worked for those agencies and now bring the magic to Resume.Academy. And, yes, we do military-to-civilian conversions! 
  3. EDUCATIONAL, MEDICAL & SCIENTIFIC CURRICULUM VITAE - Are you seeking a career in Academia, Science or Medicine? Unlike standard resumes and CVs, formulated for the professional and corporate realms, these CVs offer you the option to highlight additional bullets within your final resume product. In a professional resume, we only go back ten years due to the highly denied barriers of "ageism," across industry. In a CV, however, we are able to cover your whole career in detail (or truncate it if you prefer), while adding internships, externships, fellowships, papers, publications, presentations, patents and more! All CVs are very well organized, highly comprehensive and start at just $150! 
  4. MILITARY & FEDERAL RESUME FORMATS - It's no secret that it's harder to get a military or government-based job without a special resume-type. In fact, the required formats can be strict, confusing and can "make or break" your job search. Have no fear! We know the format. We optimize your results. And, we'll have you competing in no time at all! 
  5. GRAPHIC RESUMES & DIGITAL PROFILES | PROFESSIONAL WEB EPKS - Why do we use traditional text resumes in our standard job search? The answer is simple - ATS engines. Graphic resumes do not translate well within the system and do not often provide enough details into our career histories when paired against competition. Graphic resumes, however, are an awesome addition to any application process. In fact, you may want to consider giving your recruiter or hiring manager the ability to view your journey in just a snapshot. As a supplemental document, you are able to more effectively brand yourself, as the professional you are, while gaining a few bonus points for presentation and creativity. Adding these documents will increase your chances for any position that you go after. Professionals with a one-page EPK (or website) will see similar results, as they rank within search engines, become contacted by outside sources and direct recruiters to their online portfolios through a central, interactive hub, equipped with media, resources and networking links. 
  6. COVER LETTERS, THANK YOU LETTERS & FOLLOW-UPS - As you already have come to know, 40-45% of resumes are only seen because they have a cover letter attached. Our cover letters are set in a basic format, allowing the hiring manager to find the details they need in just one scan. They do, however, tell a better story than most hiring managers tend to see by your fellow candidates within the field. Not only do we detail your leadership abilities, we talk about the results of your technical contributions, your personality and what you will be bringing to the table. While most people don't like to read a long, drawn-out story about your past, we tell mini-stories circulating your ability to complete tasks, take risks and implement improvements in a cause-and-effect format. Similarly, we offer additional writing services for candidates seeking to remain in contact with the companies that they are most interested. Whether to provide a respectful "ping" to the hiring manager or a follow-up genuine in nature, we help set you over the top with Thank-You Letters and Follow-Up Messages, which have often become considered an "art of the past."
  7. SOCIAL MEDIA & CAREER PAGE DEVELOPMENT - LinkedIn, Facebook, all the above. So many social networks have the ability to couple-over into the realm of "Job Search" or in providing an additional layer to your efforts in building a professional presence across the web. We offer social presence development on a project-by-project basis, unless they are otherwise offered as part of a resume package or a la cart√©. All services will be quoted based on actual need, inquire within. 
  8. PARTNERSHIPS & CAREER COACHING - In 2019, we are partnering with a number of recruiters, career resources and professional development agencies. We are also revamping our processes to increase the success of all interviews with potential employers. We don't just aim at getting you a job, we wish to further your career. Join us in taking over the workplace, cultivating true professionals in each field.
  9. EXPEDITED SERVICES - You could have a professionally written resume in less than 12 hours. Of course, each level of service comes with an increased need for urgency. This means constant contact, increased collaboration and a finished product to meet your submission deadlines. 
  10. QUALITY, LOYALTY & TRUST FOR JUST A FRACTION OF THE PRICE - Many professionals originally chose our services, based on price. Comparative rates and services pointed them in our direction. They were impressed. Once finding out more about our history, they decided to take the chance. They loved the quality. They referred their friends and colleagues. And, they came back for upgrades, edits and extra services that would continue to lead them to the next phase of their career journey. Many clients have come back two, three, four - and even six or more times - for additional services, formats and career transitions. They have referred us to their spouses, brothers, sisters, parents, bosses and even former employees, based on the trust we have built over time. Because of this, they will forever receive discounted rates, exclusive services and our undying gratitude for their loyalty to Resume.Academy.



While we have amazing testimonials across the web, we have decided to share the most "raw" and "transparent" of those testimonials, as found on Thumbtack.com, a community bidding site. Unlike many companies out there, we won't "sugar coat" the results. We feel that reality supersedes fiction. And, you have the right to decide if our brand is truly the right match for your professional resume-writing needs.


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