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Pamper yourself with a new resume.
Let us write for you!


Based on standard queue and pricing.


RESUME - You will submit your existing resume document(s), any supporting documents, such as performance evaluations, Fitreps, letters of recommendation, transcripts, etc. These aren't necessarily required, however an existing resume is. Please add any additional details surrounding your daily, weekly and/or monthly process before submitting.

QUESTIONNAIRE - Yes, the questionnaire is nine pages (found here). No, you will not be answering everything. However, there are required sections that you will be asked to be as detailed as possible. These details will help paint the picture, as to who you are, what you have done and what you can bring to the table. Remember, there is no answer too big or too small!

PAYMENT - Payment must be made prior to placement into queue.

You are now placed into queue to receive your resume within three-to-four business days. Due to demand, our services often average four days. We can only provide an estimate, as some resumes can take three hours and others three days. Please, plan for weekends and/or holidays. Expedited servicing is available.

TURNAROUND: 3-4 Business Days


In efforts to make our comprehensive resume process as collaborative as possible, we're not afraid to ask for "the details."

Not only do we have a broad range of experience across industry, but we also do research, based on your previous roles, the roles you are going after and any roles you may find of interest in the future. We implement our findings into your first draft and ask the finer details about your career history. If you say that you "worked on a project," for example, we want to know what kind of project it was, why it was important and the results of this named project. 

Our goal is to set you apart from the competition.

We want to see you stand out, based on those small details. We want to keep you from sounding "generic" and "run of the mill." We want to show your scalability, your influence, your impact, your leadership - how you have implemented efforts, maximized the results, minimized the downfalls and improved operations. 

You're spending good money to make sure this document yields results. And, we want to make it a success!

If we don't ask questions, we're not doing our job.

So, when you get this shiny new document with tons of highlighted questions, please answer as many as possible. But, don't be overwhelmed. If you don't understand some of the questions - or, they don't pertain to you - skip them! Simple. 

This is the part of the process where we add those details that are going to snag you the interview and where we modify the content that has already been written. Because research has been implemented into each new resume document, some bullets may be deleted because they just don't relate to you. Others may be moved, modified or added to. 

Yes, we ask the hard questions.

This is why so many of our clients consider this part of our service an added bonus. We often ask what they haven't thought of. We pull things out of them that they didn't realize they did. And, our questions help them prepare for the interviews that they most fear. Because of this, many of our clients have been placed quickly and have scored higher salaries than they did, previously.


So, this is where "the ball is in your court." Take as much time as you need to answer the questions, as found within the first draft. 

Embrace collaboration.

Please, answer these questions within the document, itself. Be as thorough as possible. Remember, we do not know you in real life, so this is not the time to be vague. We need the details.

Don't worry about how bad of a writer you may be. That's our job. Don't worry about length - we will only include what's necessary. The process isn't meant to make you overthink. But, we do want to tell your story.

The format. 

We use Word (.doc or .docx) format. If you don't have Word, this is okay. You can use Google's free version of this software at Drive.Google.com.

Once you have completed these documents, make sure to return them in .doc or .docx format to info@resume.academy.

Turnaround for delivery.

Again, take as much time as you need. Some people take a few hours, some people take a few weeks. We have even had people come back after a year. 

We just ask that you be mindful to our ongoing queue, as everything is on a schedule and we want to make sure that everyone receives fair service and finished products are at top quality.

As a Disclaimer: Documents coming back after more than one month may be subject to a delay, based on this reality, and will be revised once the schedule permits. While most companies close your account - finished or unfinished - after 7 days, we value integrity. We know life happens and will honor resume revisions long after we have lost contact with you.


Once you receive your revisions, you may be like most of our clients... satisfied.

However, you may also see a few details that aren't quite right, need fine-tuned or simply need eliminated. You may decide to add a few more details. And, this is quite alright.

You have two rounds of revisions, before your final project is sent to be polished and delivered. 

Turnaround for delivery.

So once we receive your response documents, we place you back into queue. The queue can take up to three business days before revisions take place. We generally tell our clients, prepare for a total two or three-week cushion for the entire process, "just in case."

If you have an immediate need for a revised document, however, you will want to consider expedited services immediately. Our standard processes do not include weekends, but our expedited services do. 

TURNAROUND: 1-3 Business Days


All revisions should be given a final pass before being used. Because we are editing the document, directly, we may have missed a few errors in punctuation or grammar may be off a bit. Once polished, you will receive your final resume and cover letter documents.

Most of the time, our documents have already been perfected. And if you're confident in those revisions, go ahead and send them out right away.

For quality assurance, however, we like to give all documents a "second pass." We make sure that we haven't overlooked anything and that everything looks great, once looked at with a fresh eye. 


There are a few times within the process that we will request to see a job description for a position that you are interested in. Job postings often expire or are taken down. So, we want to be sure to always have a fresh target at hand.

We have also learned that client interests may change, as the process develops. So many of our clients undervalue themselves, until they really start thinking about what they have actually done and what they will be bringing to the table. Many of them will decide to take the next step in their career journey. Many will go after their dreams. 

Your cover letter will be a one-page document, standard in format. But, it will be far from standard.

Each cover letter highlights our clients' technical abilities, leadership skills and scalable contributions. We tell mini-stories of your past, showing just how valuable you will be to the new team. We give examples and show results.

Each cover letter is tailored to the position that you have forwarded to us, but is fully customizable in future renditions. 

It is to be understood that less than half of cover letters are actually read. But, they say 40-45% of resumes will be thrown in the trash unless they have a cover letter. So, what happens when they actually read or skim the cover letter?

We make them want to read the resume in complete detail.

TURNAROUND: 1-3 Business Days 


The LinkedIn Revamp tells your story from a first-person point-of-view, detailing the finer points of your resume and portraying you, as the leader you are. We stick to the strict character count, battling our limitations for hours until we have included the most important points into your LinkedIn profile. 

While we do provide actual LinkedIn editing and have made it available for an additional fee, we try to avoid accessing our clients' accounts, directly, for privacy and security-related concerns. Our LinkedIn document, however, serves with added purpose and drives increased potential. The document, itself will serve as a tool, even once we have parted ways.

We have designed this document so that you can copy/paste all content into your profile, immediately upon receipt. There are notes on how to apply changes, tips and tricks on how to maximize your results and explanations as to why things are done a certain way. 

All LinkedIn documents are delivered within 7-10 business days from delivery of the final resume product. We prioritize resume projects and LinkedIn documents are buffered in between delivery to ensure the on-time arrival of first drafts and final resume documentation. 


ADDITIONAL SERVICES - Once you have received your resume product and are on your way into a new position, come back for more services that will enhance your presence for future job searches, investment packages, partnership opportunities and client acquistion.

BE PREPARED - Remember, companies are 75% more likely to hire you if you are still employed, are likely to offer higher salaries and more willing to provide you with a promotion, based on your capabilities. Don't sleep just because you may have found the job of your dreams. Be prepared in case there is a sudden twist of fate, an unhappy merger or budgets start getting cut.

RESUME EDITS - Somewhere around 75% of our clients return within a year to have their resumes updated, to transition into new industries, to enhance their resume for promotion or to just give it a face-lift! If you are one of these clients, click this link to have your resume updated at just half of the cost!

ADDITIONAL COVER LETTERS - If you're an existing client, you deserve a break! We are lowering our already low prices - just for you. Did you have a cover letter done by us in the past? Do you need additional cover letters? Click here, and let us write for YOU!

PLACEMENT - We have a known success rate of 95-98% with clients finding new employment rather quickly. However, we continually seek to improve. So for 2019, we are working on new services and partnerships that will bring added value to our current resume suites. Soon, there will be new services available to aid in your job search, provide increased career development opportunity and help you find placement even quicker than before. 



The Science.

Top executives aren't being seen by hiring managers and are therefore missing out on their true potential. We maximize your resume for optimal ATS positioning and seize the opportunity that awaits.


The Standards.

No one uses an objective statement anymore. References are a thing of the past. In a digital world, you are wasting space and risking chances of employment. Failure to adopt standards will leave you unseen.


Professional Writing Services.

Let's face it. Your resume is a tool for unlocking doors and climbing ladders to future success. Consider this an investment. We live the science of resume. Let us take care of everything and be amazed.



While we have amazing testimonials across the web, we have decided to share the most "raw" and "transparent" of those testimonials, as found on Thumbtack.com, a community bidding site. Unlike many companies out there, we won't "sugar coat" the results. We feel that reality supersedes fiction. And, you have the right to decide if our brand is truly the right match for your professional resume-writing needs.


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